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Welcome to Crane Performers

Crane Performers is a group of talented youths with an objective of achieving education and a better future through the use of their talents in performing arts. It gets its maiden name from the Crested Crane because of its beauty and grace typifying so aptly a troupe and its members. Also, Crested Cranes perform a series of courtship displays and graceful dances. They excel in dancing, displaying their grace and beauty to the fullest and hence, they are regarded as birds of joy and relaxation in most parts of the country. For instance, when people clap and sing a particular song, the Cranes dance by bobbing their heads up and down.

As we continue to embrace Uganda’s cultural diversity in both our composition and performances, we can only identify ourselves with this great object that was adopted as Uganda’s Crest (national symbol).The troupe performs on wedding receptions, cocktails & Dinners, Launches, celebrations, and any other such events that require a cultural touch. We thank our clients for supporting us, we are what we because because of your support. Thank you so much all our clientele.